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I turn ideas into wonderful things.

As a digital consultant a lot of things I do are behind the scenes. Here are the more visual bits I've done both personal and work wise.


I create connected experiences.

Start breaking boundaries.

People always talk. It’s part of our nature. We want to tell others about our experiences like what we did, where we went, what makes us happy. I create connected experiences through products, marketing and strategies. These experiences create conversations. Conversations spread the word.

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Digital Marketing


Website Design and Development


Content Management


Project Management


Digital Commerce


Social Media Marketing


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I love to think and develop all things digital. Here's my story.

I am a biochemist by education. Work wise I’ve done analysis, marketing, research. I love learning. If there’s nothing to gain I get bored.

For years I’ve been pondering one particular idea I had.  A year ago, I did something about it and I pitched the idea to a development company in the UK. I didn’t know much about tech, startups or the industry. The co-founders really liked the idea and wanted to develop it. Eventually the company, although eager to work with me, thought they could not afford to take two guys off of their small team to work unpaid for a few months. This firm has worked for large UK based companies such as BBC, TopShop etc.

A couple of years, I left my job. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it but I wanted to try something new.

I dived into learning about tech and startups. I read tons, created a few projects and websites (WordPress based), started learning HTML, cracked Photoshop and design, met with many people in the startup industry and have started working on my startup with a developer and designer. It’s an exciting time, but I know it’s got to be more than a good idea for something to work.

I guess it makes sense though. When I was 10 years old I used to hack into second-hand hard disks on our Commodore 64 to find games on hidden root files. In University, I learned to de-virus my own and my friends computers after the University “Tech Desk” said they did not know what was wrong with my computer.  I took the problem into my own hands and fixed it (turned out to be one of the first cases of the “I love you” virus). There were many more viruses to come.

Update April 2012

In April 2012 a friend and ex-colleague got in touch and offered a job I could not refuse: heading up the digital side of a new business, Entertainment Media Group Ltd., which was opening a newest theatre complex in London in 30 years and owned Maximum Music, a music management company managing groups including the Saturdays and the Wanted (at the time).  I’ve spent most of my time marketing the theatre from their building works up to now, five shows in. I’ve helped on the digital side: managing the website, growing the database to a five-figure number, managing online campaigns, producing all content, the face behind social media, e-mail marketing, analytics and the list goes on. As a new business there are usually a lot of work and not enough hands so I’ve also been involved with all the offline advertising and marketing as well, including direct mail campaigns, press adverts, distribution, offline strategy. On top of that, I am managing a team of three. It’s been a busy and fun year.

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I spend a lot of time online reading, researching and bookmarking things a like. Here are a few things I have bookmarked over the years.

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